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Getting Stuffed with Todd

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times… There’s nothing I love in this world more than stuffing food inside of other food….also my wife. I also love my wife. Nothing says “I love you” like making dinner and nothing says “I’m trying to eat more vegetables” like taking a perfectly nice…

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Field(trip) of Dreams

Imagine, if you will, a place. Not just any place, but a place that is inside another place. Some call it…a room. A room where a group of people engage in learnings. A class room. Enough of that? Ok, well mi madre and I took a class at Eataly Chicago on Thursday and it was…

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An afternoon with Costco

As the name suggests, the wife and I took a trip to Costco…on a Sunday afternoon. It was…an experience. We woke up in the morning and were sitting around the apartment, it was a PJ and cats in laps kinda morning. Or so I thought. “We should get a membership to Costco” she said. “Sure…

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