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The Garlic Ginger Shrimp Blues

I really wanted to call this post Cooking to Forget but I could hear Stacey’s voice in the back of my head as I wrote it. “Soooooo dramatic, Todd” So, I decided to go with the (slightly) less dramatic title, even though it is still every bit as much of a “VagueBook” post as the initial…

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By the fire

The past few weeks have been really difficult. Regardless of what side you find yourself on, it’s been incredibly stressful to watch what’s been happening in the world. Especially here in the states. In my, admittedly short, lifetime I’ve never seen the America as openly divided as it is now. The divide stretches across gender,…

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Front and Bacteria

Wednesday 10 after 7 in the morning. Lester is sitting on the guest bed watching me write at the computer while Batman wanders aimlessly around the apartment meowing to god only knows what. (Lester has already dealt with all the ghosts so I’m not sure what Batman’s after) I’m having coffee, listening to a little…

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