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Mary’s Pasta Tonnata

My Mom and Dad came down this Sunday to visit with Stax and Me… and even though they won’t admit it, Batman and Lester too. I was glad they were able to come down and see some of the progress I’ve been making. I’m very lucky to have their support. This weekend, that support came…

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Dora’s Cocktail Meatballs

Stax kept us in the realm of appetizers for this week’s cooking sesh, though that’s not too surprising since Stax loves snacks. Aunt Dora was the younger sister of my Grandma and was a DiBattista before she was a DiPompeo. (suuuuper Italian) There are some pretty amazing stories that followed her through life: Meeting the…

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Grandpa’s Calzone

That handsome Italian kneading dough in that picture is my Grandpa. And just in case you were worried he wasn’t Italian enough just by looking at him, his name was Al DiNunzio. I was flipping through the cookbook yesterday, trying to figure out where to start this journey, and when I saw that face smiling…

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