Love and Stuff…

This past weekend two of my favorite people from way back yonder got hitched. These two have been at it since we were just wee little ones in high school and now…all these years later, they are married!

Why is this important? Well, because it is…I mean, how is love not important? Especially long time love (Is that a thing?).

Aside from the fact that falling/being/staying in love is important, these two gave me the great honor of being able to marry them.

Cheeks for days on that dude on the left.

That’s right ladies. I’m a minister now. And I’m about to lay a sermon down on you bout love and stuff…

As you might have guessed from this blog, I’m a romantic. I believe in all the things stories say are possible. I believe in fate, true love, destiny, purpose and ghosts.


Because of that, I love weddings and hate old Victorian houses.

In fact, I had the great pleasure of being at (didn’t get to marry these two) the wedding of two amazing people, Shelby and Matty (Names cutified for their happiness)

So amazing #amiright?

How can you not be happy at a wedding?

Unless you’re like a secret lover of one of the two people (or more if we’re getting freaky) and you’re pissed that they didn’t take you instead, it’s impossible to be upset.

You’ve been invited to witness the connection of two people, and if you’ve been invited it either means that you find yourself among some incredibly important people in their lives, or you’re that Uncle that sings along to all the ABBA songs.

I’m preparing myself, at this point, for the massive amount of eye rolls from my readers as you nearly choke on all this happiness.

But here’s the deal. Life is scary, it’s hard, and it (hopefully) is long. If people are lucky to find that person they want to spend the rest of their lives with, we should be celebrating them.

You don’t even have to get married. If you find that person you love, your partner, your compatriot, your lobster throw a party. Invite your friends and family and that Uncle who sings ABBA.

They will all be there and they will sit there smiling as you commit yourself to that person standing across from you because you’ve chosen each other and that’s incredibly special.

Ok, cool. Well, here’s a picture of my friends Jarad and Val kissing and me standing pretty creepily in the background…enjoy!



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