Mess Hall Diaries: Spicy Ginger Beef

It’s Monday evening.

Stax and I just got done watching an episode of Guys Grocery Games while eating a roast pork loin and roasted cauliflower CAUSE WE’RE ADULTS AND THAT IS AN ACCEPTABLE WAY TO SPEND A MONDAY!

*throat clear*

Sorry, it was a “Juniors” episode and I always get really upset at the kids because I’m fairly certain I used to be like that and it’s like looking into a really annoying mirror.

But…you should totally follow your dreams.

Ok, Ginger Beef…

This one was a “whim” recipe so please don’t judge me on the outcome…unless it’s delicious…then please judge me and send all awards to my agent (Stacey).

As always, the ingredient list is at the bottom.


First, the marinade.

Dice up your ginger, I leave them a bit larger because I like to get bites of it throughout the meal.

Add the chili pep, red onions (thinly sliced), soy sauce, sambal, sesame oil, and lime juice.

Salt and pepper to taste and put it off to the side.




Next, dump that smaller bowl of stuff into a larger bowl of stuff and mix.

I actually used pre-chopped steak used for tacos, but you can use any beef you’d like.

Once the meat is completely covered, wrap this bad boy and throw it into the fridge for at least 24 hours.


For this dish, I added some eggplant for my veg and it was super good, but you could add anything else you want…I’m not your dad.


If you are going to add eggplant dice them up, salt them, and place them in a bowl with paper towel. This will draw out the moisture and enhance the flavor.

I honestly think I squeezed a cup of eggplant juice out of these after a day like this.

Not a good drink btw.


Ok, cooking this shiz.


Gett your pan supppppppppper hot. I mean that bad boy should be screaming.

You’ll have a lot of juice at first, but as it cooks the liquid will evaporate and you’ll be able to crisp your beef up nice and good.

Then, right before you’re done, add the eggplant.



Because you bled the eggplant of its life blood they cook a bit faster.

Press your beef down hard (HA) and sear the bottom. Stir and repeat until you’re satisfied with the crispiness of your meal.

Take off the heat and squeeze one more lime over top to finish.


Put it on top of your favorite carb (rice or noodles please), in lettuce wraps or just eat it with your hands straight from the pan…I chose brown rice.


Ok yall! Hope you enjoy this one, it’s a solid quick dish with lots of flavor. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and like my facebook page for more updates!

Kisses Yall!


Ingredient List:

1/2 red onion

1/4 cup ginger chopped

1 cup Soy sauce

1 1/2 tsp sesame oil

1 red chili (anaheim)

2 tbsp Sambal (Garlic Chili Paste)

1 Large Eggplant

2 lbs chopped beef (sirloin is best)

Mess Hall

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