For the Joy of Cooking

I’m sure most people who are reading this blog have heard of The Joy of Cooking cook book. It is, outside of various well-known chefs, probably one of the quintessential cookbooks for anyone’s kitchen.

It is 86 year’s old and still relevant. I can’t name many humans who live to be 86 and are as relevant as this book.  Why is it so relevant?

Because even though it changes, it stays true to itself. For its 8th edition, created for the 75th anniversary, the editors brought back some of the older and simpler recipes that helped captivate Julia Child as she taught herself to cook.

I sometimes have to remind myself about that, staying true to myself, especially when the tumultuous world around me is trying so hard to make me forget it.

In honor of that, simple honest cooking, here is a recipe that I have always loved when it comes to cooking brussel sprouts.

Well, you’ve clicked “read more” so at the very least you’re not exhausted by my prance through the “Fields of Deep Thoughts”.

For that, I am grateful.

To repay your time, let me show you how to make a quick and easy side dish for any dinner that doesn’t require you feed children…or my father.

This is a five ingredient dish and one of them is the main ingredient.

First, peel your sprouts and cut in half, or quarters depending on the size. The more consistent the size the more consistent the cooking will be.



Then, peel your garlic.

I like to smash it a bit to loosen the skins and it doesn’t hurt as a bit of an aggression release after spending all day looking at Twitter or Facebook.



Now, dice it up.

The pieces don’t need to be that uniform, but you’re looking to get them small enough that you don’t get a huge chunk of it randomly throughout the dish.

Smaller, in this case, is better.


videotogif_2017.08.15_18.15.38I’ve always liked dicing onions.

I used the age old technique of cutting the onion width wise and then length wise to ensure a more consistent cut.

Buuuuuut, I used this cleaver and almost cut myself so I edited that out.

Finally, the cooking. For this, I tried something different and created a video, I think it’s pretty good and hopefully it’s just as nice as me typing away at my keyboard trying to be interesting and informative at the same time.



Cool right? I thought so too.

Well, that’s it for now.  If you like what you see, please follow me on facebook and Instagram @TheCampGarcia.

Would love to hear from you and get some thoughts on what you’d like to see me cook next!

Kisses Yall!



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