It has been a long few weeks, hasn’t it?  I’m trying to remember a time in my life where I was really feeling all 24 hours of the day.

Even my dreams are stressful.

And not like, scary or “thriller” dreams, but like silly day to day stress. Meeting deadlines, being stuck in traffic, trying to unscrew really small screws with a tool that’s too big…normal stuff.

It’s insane, so I checked my horoscope…normally I don’t go in for that stuff, but I don’t think it’s so bad that Universe tells me things are going to be “okay” every once in a while.


It told me to “engage in creative endeavors” so here I am, sitting in bed with my laptop writing this blog and being slightly distracted by the intensity with which Lester is cleaning himself.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called By The Fire. This was written about 110 days ago during another very dark and stressful time in my life.

I needed something to latch onto, something to be hopeful about, something that I believed in.

So naturally, I chose food. The full post will give you all the details, but basically, I was planning on doing a series on ethnically diverse restaurants in the area, give them a bit of a spotlight, but mostly focus on who they are and why they do what they do.

As you can tell, I haven’t done that…yet.

Life *said like Ian Malcolm* uh…got in the way.

But as a stranger who I’ve never met before told me in an e-mail “If you’re passionate, you’ll find time”.

And I am passionate about this, so passionate in fact that when I saw the FoodNetwork was accepting submissions for a show to choose a new travel host, I submitted immediately.

I don’t have premium WordPress so you’ll need to click here if you want to check out my video.

Mom, this is a legit link, you can click on it.

Truth is, I’ve always wanted to do this, maybe I didn’t really realize it until recently but food is too important to me not to make it a major part of my life.

Even if The FoodNetwork doesn’t select me, which they totally should, I’ll make this happen.

It’s important.

Ok, kisses yall.







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I’m an acting/improvising optimizing son of a gun.

I’ve been living and working and performing in Chicago since 2005. I love to eat, travel, talk and make people laugh. So for me this blog stuff is pretty neat.

I also like you. Whoever you are. I like you. For coming to my blog and sharing in my thoughts. I appreciate you. And I think you’re hot. So here’s to you, readers of my blog. Thanks for being awesome. Share and share a like!

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