Camp Guidebook: The Pit


Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap.

Is how I imagine people’s minds go when they meet their idol or someone they truly admire.

Mine did the same, but it happened when I came face to face with…The Pit…BBQ…it’s a BBQ joint.

It’s Whole Hog BBQ at it’s best. However, as it is with most of our idols, I was very nervous to eat this food. I mean, this place had been visited by basically the entire FoodNetwork crew as well as several TravelChannel peeps and I’d venture to say more than a few news and media outlets.

Simply put…it’s famous.

That much fame can corrupt…just look at Lindsey Lohan. I didn’t want to end up with a plate full of cigarette ash and broken dreams.


It wasn’t long before I realized that I had nothing to worry about. The North Carolinian accent of our waiter was as thick as the smell of pork coming out of the kitchen and they both worked to put my mind at ease.

Then, this happened:





Yes, that is their bread basket.

Yes, those are scratch-made biscuits.

Yes, those are hush puppies.

Yes, I ate soooo much gluten





I ended up ordering the Chopped BBQ and the Fried chicken with black-eyed peas and greens for lunch. It was their special, “You pick two…ways to get high blood pressure before your 35”

Ok, so a lesson. Whole hog BBQ is just as it sounds. They slow roast a whole hog with some salt, a little vinegar, and some love. From there, they pull the meat from all over and chop it all together with an apple cider vinegar. It might seem crazy but it works.  Each bite has different textures and flavors from the different parts of the pig and the vinegar BBQ sauce they use is spicy and sweet and pulls everything together.


Lunch. In four parts.

Honestly, the chicken was dynamite as well, but you need to get the chopped BBQ. You won’t regret it. Or you might. I can’t speak for your ability to accept deliciousness into your heart.

Bottom line, if you ever find yourself in Raleigh and you’ve got an hour to spare…go to this place and eat until you cry.

Happy Travels!


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