Time wasters

Watching a little TV today.

Well, the TV is normal sized. I’m just taking in a bit of TV this morning with my coffee. I’ve been taking in quite a bit of TV lately. And video games. Time wasters.

It’s a constant battle, isn’t it? Trying to manage your own expectations for yourself. Always been difficult for me. Probably difficult for a lot of people, though those assholes on Instagram who make oatmeal every morning seem to have their shit together…so someone out there is doing it right.

That’s the thing, isn’t it? Social media gives us an outlet to put our “best selves” out there for public consumption. No one is gramming  themselves eating pizza in the nude while playing video games in Hefe (the best filter)

Drake isn’t tweeting: “Just spent the last two hours trying to spit cheerios into my bellybutton #thatshitshard”.


Mom’s aren’t posting pictures of their kids on facebook as they try to put the square block through the round hole.

I know I’m not doing that. I’m showing the “best of’s” in all my situations in life. The best day with my wife, the best dish of the best food, the funniest tweets. (well, ok, the funniest I’ve got).


The picture I paint is perfectly framed to leave out the mess I made on my way to my destination. (Whoa, that’s a lot of metaphors)

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with being proud of your finished product. You should be, especially given the efforts required to get it done.

I’m saying, that I know people go through the same things I do.

Doubt, despair, fear, frustrations…etc.

I know it. And yet, I compare myself. I compare my journey to their destination. And who is that helping? Certainly not me.

Maybe Batman. I’m pretty confident that this dude feeds on my negative brainwaves instead of the 30 dollar indoor, weight balance, anti-hairball cat food I buy him.

He’s been pissed lately since I use his “sleeping puff” as my video game puff which requires he not be on it for a bit. Not napping on his favorite puff is the stuff of little kitty nightmares and he makes his frustrations known through mowing loudly and shitting on the floor.

Cat ownership is pretty great.

Anyways, I’m not saying that my current bout of laziness is acceptable. I’m just saying that’s all it is…a bout of laziness. And it’s not even really laziness, I’m working five days a week and doing shows four days a week. I’m spending time with friends and my wife and Lester (the good one).  So, it’s ok to spend time “not doing things”.

But I do want to do more. I want to spend more time on the “extras” in life, and balancing that with the rest of it.

I mean, people are doing that better than me. I’m certain of it. I’d love to know how you’re doing it. Do you use calendars? Do you have an assistant? IS THERE AN APP FOR THAT?

If you have a secret and you can share it…please do. I could use a bit of direction at the moment.

Ok, Lester is nuzzling my arm and I need to shower before my show. Adios para ahora.










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