That’s right. I’m back Billy, and I want you.

Yes, I’m back.  I’m not sure why I took a break, though it probably has something to do with intense bouts of depression and cats.

But here I am. Attempting to add levity and joy back to the lives of the 10’s of people who read this blog.

I realized the other morning, as I sat quietly writing a note for facebook about hope and happiness and the darkness that waits for each of us in life…that writing is good. Writing is great. Writing has helped me innumerable times deal with the harshness of my own mind.

So I’ve decided to write. Or at the very least attempt to write on a regular/semi-regular basis. Life will happen, not much I can do about that. But I’ll try and document it as best I can with a bit of comedy injected in or basted over top or gently rubbed under layers of fat…*drooling commences*

Huh? Oh, I’m sorry. What was I saying? Right, comedy writing. I’ll give it a shot. That’s all I can do, so prepare your bodies for this shit cause it’s going to go down…super hard.

Groovy. Ok, now that that’s settled I’m going to go snuggle the shit outta my wife and then get ready for my opening…of my play, pervs.



The Blob

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I’m an acting/improvising optimizing son of a gun.

I’ve been living and working and performing in Chicago since 2005. I love to eat, travel, talk and make people laugh. So for me this blog stuff is pretty neat.

I also like you. Whoever you are. I like you. For coming to my blog and sharing in my thoughts. I appreciate you. And I think you’re hot. So here’s to you, readers of my blog. Thanks for being awesome. Share and share a like!

Follow me on Twitter @toddawatomi and listen to my podcast with my besticle Ethan at!

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