I’m writing from my kitchen again.  I think it’s because I feel most comfortable here. I was raised in and around kitchens all my life. Some of my best thinking is done in kitchens and kitchens happen to be where food comes from, which…I happen to love.

Lester is behind me on the couch (Judging me I’m sure) and there is what I’m hoping turns out to be a stir fry on the stove in front of me.

So here I am., sitting in my apartment making stir fry with a generous amount of cat sitting on my couch.

Life is good, yes? Well…yes, life is good. In fact outside of one very large shadow looming directly in front of me, life is very good. (Not you Lester)

I am talking of course, about the Presidential Election.

As much as I’d love to use this post to stick it to the Republican Party with a few witty, dare I say it, hilarious jabs about their candidates…I can’t. I just can’t.

And here’s a simple reason why. It’s not funny.

Like your College friend who comes to your dinner parties and insists on being called “Sleazy Steve” even though his name is John, and drinks an entire box of wine before you serve the first course.  It’s cute for like a minute and then it just becomes sad.

It’s like that, except in this case, “Sleazy Steve” is Donald Trump and the box of wine is Ted Cruz and instead of it being sad, it’s terrifying.

Trump isn’t just frightening because of what he says. He’s frightening because of what he’s done. He has illuminated the state of our country. The actual state of our country. He’s broadcast it on live T.V. with the help of CNN and Fox and every other major media outlet that gives him any air time.

He’s on the global stage and he’s showing the world the worst of us. He’s showing the hate, the bigotry, the violence, and the stupidity we’re trying so hard to correct in our country. And he’s using it as political platform to be elected as the leader of the free world.


The vitriol that he spews against Muslims and Mexicans and the Black community is beyond disgusting. And what’s worse? I’m not even sure he means a single word of it. I have so little trust in the man that I can’t say with certainty if he’s an actual racist or just pretending to be one to get votes. (Not my joke, John Oliver said it better and with a British accent, here)

And what happens if his words are just that, words. What happens if he’s elected president and suddenly isn’t the hate monger we’ve come to know? (Not likely, but go with me on this) What do the people do who voted for those words do? Do they pack up, take off their “Make America Great Again” hats and go back to shopping at the same stores as the people they just spent the better part of the year hating? Do they get to pretend like it didn’t happen? No. They don’t. They have been exposed.

That’s why he is so scary. He’s shone the light on the reality of a shockingly large number of people in the United States, kids and adults alike, who hate unconditionally and in some cases uncontrollably.  People who otherwise would have kept this douchebaggery to themselves have come out publicly in support of a man who promises violence and hate instead of peace and prosperity.  He has exposed the ugliest parts of our country, and people let him do it!

History is full of these types of moments. Moments where people stand on the edge of a choice. A choice with far-reaching and potentially disastrous consequences.  And in each of these moments, Hitler’s rise to power; the succession of the confederate states; the Civil Rights movement, the choice defines us as an entire people. It defines us now and unless checked, it will define us for years to come.

We all have a choice now. We have to decide on which side of history we want to stand.

I know where I’ll be.




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