Back in the Saddle

It’s 6:55pm on a Monday. Batman, my cat, is meowing at night…or his own reflection in the window. Lester, my other cat, just completed his nightly sprint back and forth down the hallway chasing what I assume is a ghost…since I haven’t seen one recently. (Thanks Lester).

Stax is over at a friends watching the bachelor and I am attempting to write. It’s been a long few weeks. Work, travel, sickness and general activities have kept me from writing. Not really the specific events, but the exertion of energy to those events has left little for additional endeavors. I could always make time, or try to make time. But that’s easier said than done when Guy Fieri’s mouth gnashing siren song is on the TV or my PS4 calls gently to me…”explore the wasteland Todd….kill mutated molerats Todd”

Normal life things.

But I’m back…or at least I will be since one post does not a routine make.  In fact, one post doesn’t even make a good fence. That’s a little bit I’m working on for my stand up comedy tour about the blog lifestyle. (Needs work)

I recently gave my dad some advice to start a blog, write about his experiences as a manager and working with people. He’s really quite good at it and if our long talks are any indicator he has a lot to share with people.

Of course, not to be out done by my own father who once beat me in a 10 mile obstacle course by a good 20 minutes (after starting 20 minutes after me) I figured I might as well get back in the saddle and start this mother back up.

So here we are, together again. Life happens to me every day and I intend to tell you about it. My cats, my lovely wife, my pursuit of all things delicious and my career….

Thanks for tuning in so far, I’m glad to be back.


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