Football Sundaes

Cause it’s like a cherry on top…of the week (Trademarked, this is trademarked NFL network don’t steal it from me…I just can’t figure out how to do that little symbol)

I really never thought I’d be a stereotypical “guy” and watch football all day on Sundays, but…it happened. I love football. I specifically love the Green Bay Packers, but honestly, I’ll watch most games if they are on T.V. and Stax says it’s ok.

Yep, unless it’s the Packers, Stax still gets to give the go-ahead on football Sundays, cause, we’re a team…and I…love…her. (No, Stacey is not here looking menacingly at me from across the room)

No, but really, I do check with Stax to make sure we’ve got no other plans throughout the day so I can sit without care and watch the game that is probably, now America’s past time?  Why? Because we’re a team and that’s what a good husband does. And also because honestly other than the Packers the rest of the football is just “extra” and too much of a good thing can become gluttonous and I’ve already got a bit of a thing with eating, so why start up another binge-type-thing…

If you were wondering, the Pack played well today. Won the game with an outstanding defensive showing and with some good play by the offense. I mean, it was a little off, and Aaron Rodgers did throw his first interception at home since 2012…which I mean…that’s 3 seasons ago…3 seasons. That’s crazy. It was his first interception in nearly 600 pass attempts. I’ve never done anything 600 times, let alone something physical or that successfully.

He’s crazy. And he’s got a beautiful girlfriend who I would gladly wife swap for. I mean, to be fair Stacey would gladly trade me for Aaron Rodgers so I’m not saying anything we haven’t already talked about.

In fact, talking about girlfriends and players being hot is how I got Stax interested in football. That and my mom’s cooking, which honestly should be served before each major political meeting to get people relaxed and feeling the love. Specifically she loves and will always love BJ Raji, who she thinks looks like Thud from the movie Hook…and he does:



Anyways, that’s her favorite Packer (Other than Aaron but that’s mostly for the animal attraction) and the jersey she owns…which we got when we drove on a whim to Lambeau Field for a pre-season game…at her request!!

Soooo, now my wife loves the Packers and watches the games with me, and that has made all the difference.

Anyways, football Sunday is a great day of manly men doing manly things with their manly counterparts and it injects a bit of testosterone into an otherwise female dominated world…I’m totally kidding. There are very obvious and egregious issues with how women are treated in the world today.

On a less humorous note, there is both a female official and female coach in the NFL (She’s a linebacker coach)…which I think is incredible and honestly, it’s about time that the sport opened it’s doors to women.

These are the musings of a man who is now bored with a dumb football game where the Dallas Cowboys are figuratively shitting the bed to the New England Patriots…which is annoying.

I’ll be done now.

Kisses Yall!

The Blob

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