Daddy Issues Segunda parte: boogaloo eléctrico

Ok. So…I know this is super delayed. In fact today marks a full week since my Dad went into surgery for his heart.

Or as I like to call it, “Heart Surgery”.

You can probably tell by how funny that was that things went well. Otherwise I’m not sure I’d be capable of such a show of humor.

But really, dad went home yesterday, after he was in the hospital for about a week from start to finish. Which, I guess isn’t that bad considering what he’d had done. Which was having heart surgery. On his heart.

I say this because…I mean. It’s intense. Like, really intense.  I wasn’t really prepared for how hard everything would be.

My dad is an absolute trooper. Which kind of belittles what he went through but at the same it also draws a reference to when my dad was my Boy Scout Troop leader.

I knew he was on the mend when he made a few jokes to the nurses the night I stayed at the hospital. (Which, can I say how amazing it is that nurses are able to come in and do their work without making much of a sound…it’s incredible. Except for the one who needed all of the lights to take my dad’s blood pressure. But really the entire team at Waukesha Memorial Hospital were amazing).

I’m glad he’s on the mend and starting the road to recovery. And given the amount of texts I had to send over the past week, I’m also glad he can start talking on the phone again.




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