Daddy Issues…

Don’t get excited. This is still a kid friendly post…as much as any of my posts are kid friendly. You pervs.

My dad is having heart surgery this Wednesday. Like, full blown heart surgery. The kind of heart surgery that most people think of when you say “heart surgery” and they say “I’m sorry, are you ok?”.

In reality the surgery is very common and it’s better he’s having it now then in a few years because he’s currently freakishly healthy. (I’m not kidding, he beat me in a 10 mile obstacle course in which my wave started a full 15 minutes before his wave, he was 63 at the time) But it is still heart surgery and thus, it’s a big deal. Big enough of a deal where he and I have had to have several of “Those” conversations about the whole thing. Which, if you know me, isn’t awesome for my brain or seemingly endless imagination.

He’ll be fine, he’ll be fine. I know he’ll be fine.


Yes. He will be.

I am in the most incredible state of calm nervousness I’ve ever been in throughout my entire life. I mean, I know there’s absolutely nothing I can do that would affect the outcome in any way so, I’m calm. But at the same time it’s my dad whom I love an incredible amount and so…I’m nervous.

But that’s why this is happening now. Because my dad wanted to make sure that he took care of it when he was healthy and the risk was low. I’m assuming to make sure that he can continue to provide hour long lectures to me and my brother for years to come without issue. (I wish I were kidding)

I’m headed up to Milwaukee on Tuesday night and I’ll be up there for the surgery. For my dad. And for my Mom. And my brother…and all of the other people who love my father, of which there are many.

My dad has always been good at bringing people together, especially family. So my brother and I are tasked with making sure that everyone he’s kept in touch with over the years is updated about his health…which is a lot. Thanks Dad. Eating up my phone minutes like you still pay my phone bill…which you do. I mean…which I let you do.

I don’t really know what else to say right now, but here’s a picture of me and my dad in the rainforest


Just kidding. That’s Hall and oats. Here’s me and my dad at my college graduation.


He’s the best.

I’ll keep you guys updated on the whole deal.

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