Cubby Bears and rock walls. A love story.


Two weeks in a row. That’s right! Two weeks. That’s almost a habit. Right? Do something for 1,000 hours and it becomes a habit? Or maybe that’s to become an expert at something…I don’t know. I’m not a doctor (CALL BACK! To my other blog…remember that one?)

I digress.

So two weeks ago Stax and I had two epiphanies. #1 we were kinda boring and #2 We really didn’t want that to be the case. So, we made a promise to try or do two new things per week. First week went great with a trip to the Air Show And the second week was even better. In fact, we hit our second week with a fire-y punch right in the throat with a trip to Wrigley and…get this…a trip down to Maggie Daley park for ROCK CLIMBING! PHYSICAL ACTIVITY…ON A SATURDAY?


First stage of throat punch:

Cubby Bears


To be fair, the Cubs game was my buddy’s idea, but Stax loves the Cubs and loves going to Wrigley and I’d not been to a game since last year so we said…”sure, I mean, if you guys are going then we might be there”. And then my friend said, “well can you please give me a confirmation since I have to buy tickets?” So I said “yes”.

I also enjoy going to Wrigley…but not for the same reasons.  My reasons are primarily meat related.  Specifically, Italian sausage covered in Italian beef covered in hot peppers covered in my tears of happiness. Here’s Stax enjoying said pork topped beef.


Here it is up close.



There are usually buns but Stax and I are gluten free, you know…to watch our figures.

The beef/sausage heaven mixture aside, the game was really great. Baseball is not my favorite sport because I think it’s kind of boring and I think they use far too many initialisms. Like, ERA or RBI or ball. We’re in America baseball, speak English. #amiright

But when I got with Stax and my friend Ethan I get them to tell me what’s going on so I understand and enjoy the game more.  Although, my favorite part of it is getting beer at your seat, specifically when I get to pass money to strangers and not have them steal it. A nice change from the rest of Chicago.

The Cubs, who are supposedly having a good year, lost 15 to 6 or something a long those lines.  But, the wife and I had fun and in the end that’s all that matters. Unless you’re the Cubs…then you probably wanted to win. 20150819_193036

After the first Grand Slam (Which is a baseball term…not a breakfast item…I know. I was also disappointed) we took this picture to express our distaste in photograph form.

Second, and most painful, phase of the throat punch:

Rock Climbing

Yes. You read that right. We went rock climbing on Saturday. Maggie Daley park was opened a little less than a year ago in Chicago and it’s a pretty amazing place. It’s geared more towards children which made it difficult to fit down the slides, but I managed.

One thing they have that’s not specifically “kiddie” is their rock wall. Stax has been asking me to go rock climbing for a while so when she and I made our promise to do more things I knew this would be high on our list. And I’m really glad it was.

You have to go through a certification process at the beginning which is good because, you know, injuries.  We had to tie a knot that Stax reminded me we tied at our wedding.  Which I totally didn’t forget…*clears throat*.

Afterwards though we got to climb for as long as we wanted, until 8pm. It was a lot of fun. Here, let me prove it to you:


See! It’s fun! Look at those smiles. And those gray tank tops. And those sunglasses and those colorful fake rocks!

Let me start by saying climbing is hard. Like. Really hard. It hurts your hands and your legs and your ego. Especially when you’ve got to have your tiny little wife belay you while you’re on the wall. I’m not a small person so when they said “Lean back and come down” I was a bit terrified of lifting Stax clean into the air and falling to my doom.

Needless to say, as I type this from my hospital room…it didn’t work. No I’m kidding. She had me secure and I made it down safely.  To show you what it was like, here’s my Sister-in-law’s boyfriend belaying me as I dropped into the harness:


He’s on his tiptoes! But I mean, check out the thighs on that dude in the air. Lots of meat being hauled up in the air by such a little guy so it’s perfectly understanishable.

All in all, it was a lot of fun. However, my fingers hurt. Which will be hell for my piano recital tomorrow, but totally worth it in the long run. In fact, once you’re certified you don’t have to go through the course again and you can swing by whenever you want just to rent equipment and climb. I suggest everyone give it a shot because it’s great exercise and really puts your relationship with the significant other into perspective…

So, there you have it. Two awesome experiences with our fire being fueled to do so many more. We really are open to your suggestions, so please let us know. LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH US! Or come join us on our adventures.


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