“Are we boring?”

This was something Stax asked me this past Sunday.

My initial reaction was “No, of course not” but then I looked down at my sweater vest and the dictionary I was reading and thought that maybe…just maybe…she was right.

I mean, I’m 28 years old and Stax is *mumbles* years old  and we can hang with the best of them…when we want to.

I mean, it wasn’t like we did nothing over the weekend, we’d spent our Saturday going to the beach, dinner and a *clears throat* 730 movie.

We got home about 10pm and our phones both had text messages asking us to go out to Slipper Slope for a few drinks and some dancing. And honestly, we considered going. For a moment. But I didn’t really want to wait in line to go to a bar and I was already sitting on the couch and Lester was already on my lap and there was a really good episode of Murder She Wrote on TV and  DON’T JUDGE ME I’M AN ADULT.

So we respectfully declined.

(Oh, also. I should add that Stacey isn’t old. I was just being funny. Right Sweetie? RIGHT?!?! I LOVE YOU!?!? YOU’RE VERY YOUNG! PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME SLEEP ON THE COUCH.)

The next afternoon was when she dropped the bomb. “Are we boring?” she asked. We were having a drink at the bar near our place, the Halfway House. (It’s actually called Crown Tap or Crown Liquors…but everyone calls it Halfway House…and by everyone, of course, I mean us.)

I of course said no. But as I sipped my Darjeeling tea and whispered “mmmm that’s nice”  I took a moment to consider it.

I mean, I have a routine. I wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep, have terrible night terrors and then do it all over again. I even poop at the same time every day (Recently switched since someone else got on the same schedule as me…that son of a bitch). But that doesn’t mean I’m boring…right?

Stax and I have routines too. We go to the same restaurants and visit the same parts of the city and we keep telling ourselves we were going to “branch out” and “try something new” and “eat less candy” and “bath more”…but we don’t.

We’re comfortable and I guess comfortable becomes boring if you’re not careful.

So, putting my tea down, I looked up and said. “Ok. We are a bit boring…Let’s do something about it.”

So we did. Or, we are. Or, we will.

Stax and I are promising to do two new things every week. Whether it be a new restaurant or visiting a part of the city we’ve never been or haven’t been in a long time, we will do it twice each week. Just to shake it up and to make sure we experience all our city has to offer.

Chicago is an amazing place with so much to see and we’re getting to the point where the next stage our in our life with a…a…well let’s just say it rhymes with craybee…is coming. And that means less freedom and more routines. And from what I hear the “rhymes-with-craybee” requires a lot of attention which leaves little time for drinking at bars with strangers.

Here’s where you come in, if you have ideas or suggestions on things to do in and around Chicago, let us know! We’d love to try them and I’ll write about whatever we do so it’s a Win-Win for everyone!

But mostly me.

The Blob

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I’m an acting/improvising optimizing son of a gun.

I’ve been living and working and performing in Chicago since 2005. I love to eat, travel, talk and make people laugh. So for me this blog stuff is pretty neat.

I also like you. Whoever you are. I like you. For coming to my blog and sharing in my thoughts. I appreciate you. And I think you’re hot. So here’s to you, readers of my blog. Thanks for being awesome. Share and share a like!

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  1. I can’t wait until you guys have a cray-bee and then we can be boring together!! And actually, when you were talking about all the “boring” stuff you do, I was like, “I LOVE ALL THOSE THINGS”. Nothing’s boring (even if it’s routine) when you’re in good company. 🙂

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  2. Haha, Ragnar and me were having a similar discussion. 😀

    I mean, a few years ago we left the house at 10, 11 pm on a normal Saturday to start nightlife. Totally wide awake and full of expectations. That was when I still went to university and we didn’t have the dog and so on.
    And nowadays? Has it become a routine that we head for the couch on Saurday evening, start some film, have a drink, tickle the dog and the cat… and I fall asleep at 10pm at latest, totally tired out by the week. Sounds extremely boring, yep. But since my whole week is stuffed with stress, my circadian rhythm has become accustomed to the alarm clock ringing at 5am – I’m really not in the mood anymore to party at the weekend. :/

    And we’re not alone. Nearly all our friends have become like that. We meet at Sunday afternoons, early enough to have some funny hours without getting too late… or it would turn into a sleepover party at best.

    Work hard, play hard? – Work hard, sleep hard! 😀

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