The real mucking story

Two years ago, a group of some pretty incredible people joined Stacey and me to participate in MuckFest MS.

If you have never looked into it, I encourage you to. Basically, it’s a 5k obstacle course focused on bringing the local communities of people with MS and those that support them together to raise money for MS research.

All proceeds go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, which is a great resource for the vast community living with MS every day.

If you want to support Stacey and her team, you can do so here!

It also marked the first time that Stacey publically embraced her diagnosis, by “Mucking with MS” and fundraising for the cause.

Now, two years later, Stacey and I agreed that we wanted to be more open about our experiences, so here’s where we’ll start… at the beginning.

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Mess Hall Diaries: Spicy Ginger Beef

It’s Monday evening.

Stax and I just got done watching an episode of Guys Grocery Games while eating a roast pork loin and roasted cauliflower CAUSE WE’RE ADULTS AND THAT IS AN ACCEPTABLE WAY TO SPEND A MONDAY!

*throat clear*

Sorry, it was a “Juniors” episode and I always get really upset at the kids because I’m fairly certain I used to be like that and it’s like looking into a really annoying mirror.

But…you should totally follow your dreams.

Ok, Ginger Beef…

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Mess Hall Diaries: Roasted Corn Salad

The other day as I strolled around on twitter dodging retweets from the day’s news, I saw a blue check mark who was unhappy he had to read someone’s “life story” every time he wanted to see a recipe.

Which, as someone who puts a little bit of himself into each post, got me thinking “Maybe I shouldn’t write so much before posting a recipe”.

Then I thought…”F that guy”.

If you just want recipes you can always go to The Food Network or you know…read a cookbook.


ok..on to a brief history of my entire life.

JK! Here’s the recipe…

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For the Joy of Cooking

I’m sure most people who are reading this blog have heard of The Joy of Cooking cook book. It is, outside of various well-known chefs, probably one of the quintessential cookbooks for anyone’s kitchen.

It is 86 year’s old and still relevant. I can’t name many humans who live to be 86 and are as relevant as this book.  Why is it so relevant?

Because even though it changes, it stays true to itself. For its 8th edition, created for the 75th anniversary, the editors brought back some of the older and simpler recipes that helped captivate Julia Child as she taught herself to cook.

I sometimes have to remind myself about that, staying true to myself, especially when the tumultuous world around me is trying so hard to make me forget it.

In honor of that, simple honest cooking, here is a recipe that I have always loved when it comes to cooking brussel sprouts.

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The Mountains Are Calling

“I always enjoy going out west” – Lewis and Clarke (together simultaneously, right before they both pointed at each other and said “ahhhhhhh”)
Like Mr. Lewis and Sir Clarke, I also enjoy going out west. In fact, the place I enjoy going the most out west is Seattle.

Seattle is a great city filled with good food and surrounded by beautiful vistas. Which is like me, anytime I go out to dinner with Stacey.

This trip, was extra special because it came 8 and 1/2 years after Stacey and I visited the city, on our first vacation together as a couple.

  • Oh, and our Friends Soren and Sarah Yoy WANNA be with  getting married…so there’s that.

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Getting Stuffed with Todd

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times…

There’s nothing I love in this world more than stuffing food inside of other food….also my wife.

I also love my wife.

Nothing says “I love you” like making dinner and nothing says “I’m trying to eat more vegetables” like taking a perfectly nice mushroom and stuffing it with sausage.

So tonight…I did both

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Making Moves


It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I didn’t mean to stay away for this long, things just…well they got a bit out of hand.

We moved, and if you’ve ever moved…ever (even from room to room)…you know that moving is terrible and should be banned by the Geneva convention.

Since my petition has yet to be responded to by the UN and since we couldn’t renew our lease at Ye Olde Camp Garcia we had to move.

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